Covid-19 Preparedness & Response Plan

May 5, 2020

The Exterior Painters and RiteCoat, as divisions of Action Companies, are committed to providing a safe environment for our employees and our clients. As such, we are doing everything we can to comply with CDC and State of Michigan guidelines for business operations during the COVID-19 outbreak.

State of Michigan Executive Order No. 2020-70 outlines requirements for the construction industry to return to work effective 12:01 am on May 7, 2020, subject to the enhanced social distancing rules described in the order. Per the CDC publication Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 (OSHA 3990-03 2020), exterior painting and epoxy floor application are considered “Low Exposure Risk” .

The Exterior Painters and RiteCoat will be enforcing the following company-wide procedures:

Daily Health Screenings

  • Sick employees will be encouraged to stay at home.
  • All employees will be screened prior to work on a daily basis to check for COVID-19 symptoms and contact with infected persons. Screening documents will be filed and maintained in our office.
  • Any employee who exhibits any COVID-19 symptom will be sent home and asked to self-quarantine until they are fever-free for 72 hours or receive a negative test for COVID-19.

Safe Work Practices

  • All employees will have access to disinfectants and hand sanitizers and will be encouraged to wash hands frequently.
  • Employees will be encouraged to clean shared equipment and work surfaces on a daily basis.
  • All employees will be provided with a cloth face mask.
  • Gatherings where people cannot maintain a 6 ft distance from one another will be prohibited and office staff will be positioned to work in physically separated areas.

Providing Estimates

  • Our sales team will provide no-contact estimates for exterior painting and epoxy floor coatings whenever possible. We will come to a home or business to take measurements, photos, and document the current condition. If contact is necessary, we will use email, text and phone to communicate with clients.
  • Quotes will be provided via email, which is our normal practice.

Color Consultations

  • Color consultations can be done via text and email. If an in-person color consultation is necessary, our color consultant will wear the required PPE (personal protective equipment) and we request that our client also wears a face mask if possible.

On-site Painting and Epoxy Crews

  • Each painting/epoxy crew has a designated site-specific supervisor to oversee and monitor the implementation of COVID-19 protocols.
  • We provide face masks for our workers and require their use when interacting with clients. (Note: Most outdoor work can be done at a distance of greater than 6 ft. so workers may not always wear their PPE while painting. In addition, most of our paint crews live in the same house and are therefore not required to mask up when in close proximity.)
  • Crew members will wear face masks when accessing bathrooms or other client facilities and will do their best to stay at least 6 ft. away from clients.
  • Each crew member has access to hand washing supplies and/or hand sanitizer at the work site.


  • Onsite supervisors are responsible for ensuring their crews follow COVID-19 protocols. Workers who violate the COVID-19 procedures 3 times will be removed from the worksite and sent to our Human Resources office for further action to be determined by the owner, Brian Scott.
  • If a client has any concerns or questions regarding procedures or onsite worker behavior, they should contact our office at 248-844-8888.