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How long will my exterior paint job last in Michigan?

Benjamin Moore Regal paint is designed to last up to 10 years in exterior home applications. Therefore, your home should remain looking fresh and new for up to 10 years with proper prepping and maintenance.

What's the average cost to paint a home in Waterford, MI?

In 2022, we painted 556 homes in Oakland County, averaging $7,491. The cheapest job we did was $1600 and the most expensive job we did was $19000. This included prep work, painting, labor and wood replacement.

There’s several variables that factor into the cost of an exterior paint job. Such as the number of colors, the square footage of the home, the surfaces you’d like painted, the prep work involved and how many stories your home is.

Our 9 step exterior painting process for Waterford homeowners.

Step 1. Consultation
During this step, a team member will come to your property to assess the current condition of the exterior of your home. They will discuss any areas that may require extra attention due to damage, wear or other elements that may influence the painting process.

Step 2. Color Consultation
A team member will come to your property to discuss the best color palette for the exterior of your home. They will consider the existing elements on your home and make recommendations accordingly.

Step 3. Steam Clean
This process is an important part of the exterior painting process and helps to remove dirt, dust, grime, and built-up residue. Steam cleaning also helps to improve adhesion of the paint to the surface as well as help to seal any imperfections.

Step 4. Rotted Wood Replacement
During this step, old wood elements that have been rotted or damaged will be removed and replaced with new materials. This will ensure that the exterior of your home is stable and secure.

Step 5. Scraping & Caulkingc
During this step, the team member will scrape around windows and joints to remove any old caulk, then apply new caulk as needed to create a tight seal.

Step 6. Taping & Masking
During this process, the team member will use plastic, tape and drop cloths to cover the areas that should not be painted. This helps to protect the elements of your home that should not be exposed to the paint.

Step 7. Paint Application
This is the actual painting step in the process. During this step, the team member will use a brush or a roller to apply the high-quality paint in order to provide a good finish and lasting results.

Step 8. Clean Up During this step, the team member will remove the paper and tape they have used, then walk the customer through the entirety of the project to ensure they are completely satisfied with the results.

Step 9. Enjoy
This is the last step in the exterior painting process and is the reward for all your efforts. Enjoy your beautiful and renewed exterior of your home and be proud knowing that

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