Don't paint your brick, stain your brick!

You heard that right, we stain brick!

Unleash the power of brick staining to transform your home’s exterior into a breathtaking masterpiece! With TuffCrete® WB Acrylic Waterproofing Concrete Stain, you’ll not only revitalize your house’s appearance but also provide unbeatable protection against the elements. This innovative waterproof coating is specifically designed for exterior masonry surfaces, breathing new life into your brick while maintaining its natural porous texture.

Say goodbye to trapped moisture and hello to vibrant colors! Apply TuffCrete® in one coat for a stunning stain or in two coats for a bold opaque finish. Perfect for both vertical and horizontal masonry surfaces, this versatile product is available in a wide array of Benjamin Moore shades. Don’t settle for ordinary—elevate your home’s curb appeal with the unparalleled brilliance of TuffCrete®!

Stain that ugly brick!

Get ready to be blown away as you reinvent your home with a vibrant splash of color! Brick staining is the revolutionary trend of 2023, taking the exterior painting world by storm. Unleash your creativity and embrace the unexpected as you transform your house into a modern, eye-catching wonder.

No longer do you have to settle for the same old brick hues. With this innovative technique, you can maintain the quality of your bricks while infusing them with a stylish, contemporary twist. Witness the jaw-dropping metamorphosis that will elevate your home’s appearance to new heights of chic and sophistication. Don’t just keep up with the times—be a trendsetter and redefine your home’s allure with the magic of brick staining!

Here's why we recommend staining your brick.

Get ready to be amazed by the powerhouse that is Benjamin Moore Inslx Tuffcrete waterborne acrylic waterproofing concrete stain! Recommended by exterior painters for brick structures, this cutting-edge product is designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Bring on the extreme temperatures and high humidity—Tuffcrete’s got you covered!

Wave goodbye to water damage and mold, and say hello to long-lasting protection that prevents expensive repairs down the road. The journey to a fortified and gorgeous brick exterior begins with thorough surface preparation. Expert exterior painters will meticulously clear debris and deep-clean the area, ensuring a flawless canvas for the stain application.

Once the stage is set, watch the magic happen as they skillfully apply a coat of Benjamin Moore Inslx Tuffcrete waterproofing concrete stain using an airless sprayer. The transformation is nothing short of spectacular—be prepared to be the envy of the neighborhood with your stunning and resilient brick exterior!

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