Nobody paints more condos and apartment communities than The Exterior Painters!

The Exterior Painters specializes in apartment & condo exterior renovations

Our condo & apartment painters offer a full range of services to bring your exteriors back to good-as-new condition. Your project will be supervised by an on-site manager and carried out by crews who are professional, courteous and dependable.

We present you with a firm, detailed work proposal that meets your needs. Once it is accepted, your crew will show up on time and do their job so you can get back to your work with confidence that your project will be completed on schedule to the highest professional standards with minimal inconvenience to you and your residents. We even take care of notifying your residents of our schedule so that they can plan around it accordingly.

Multi-Family Exterior Painting

Painting is what got us where we are today. From our first job in 2003, Apartment owners and property managers have seen what true professionalism in exterior restorations is all about.

Your project is managed by an experienced professional superintendent who knows that prep work is the key to any good paint job. They thoroughly inspect your property for any places that will compromise the quality and durability of the painting. Once any potential problems have been resolved, we make sure that all areas are properly masked and protected. Only then do we allow the painting to begin.

Trim and Siding Replacement

Our carpenters are ready to repair or replace any damaged, rotted or missing components of your exterior. Whether it is a few boards here and there or replacing entire walls. We have experienced crews to handle your trim and siding needs. We are happy to do a thorough inspection of your property and present you with a proposal for the work that you need to bring your exterior back to a condition you will be proud of.

We guarantee your satisfaction with the quality, timeliness and value of our repainting and renovation work. Any questions you have will be promptly and completely answered and any concerns you have about our work will be completely addressed and resolved to the best of our ability.

All of our work comes with a minimum 2 year warranty backed up by our history of thousands of satisfied customers since 2003.

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