Your own personal painter for an 8 hour day.
Starting @ $600
Labor only, does not include materials.

Exterior Painter For-a-Day Program

At The Exterior Painters, we offer a Painter For-A-Day program for those who do not need a full exterior paint job. Our Exterior Painter For-A-Day program includes up to 8 hours of labor for $600.

This program also includes a well-organized, professional exterior painter to quickly handle your touch-ups with a fully equipped work-van containing all necessary tools, paint and supplies. All materials will be billed at an additional expense.

Ideal for minor jobs or areas that need some refreshing to help extend the life cycle of your exterior paint job. Homes that have been painted over seven years ago are usually not a candidate for an Exterior Painter For-A-Day as these projects have already lived their expected life-cycle.

This service is only available to those who have previously had their home painted by The Exterior Painters.

Our Painter For-a-Day Program Includes:

Touching Up Cracking & Peeling Paint

Touching Up All Caulking Work

Replacing Rotted Wood


Painting of Doors

Painting of Windows

Wild Life Damage Repair

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