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Vinyl Siding Painting Services in Oakland County, MI

Does your home need a fresh, vibrant look? Does your vinyl siding appear faded, worn out, or simply out-of-date? We offer premium vinyl siding painting services in Oakland County, MI, and surrounding areas. We understand the value of a quality paint job to breathe new life into your home’s exterior, increasing its curb appeal significantly.

Transforming vinyl siding can be tricky, as conventional paint may not adhere well, and extreme heat could cause warping. That’s where Benjamin Moore’s specially-formulated exterior paint for vinyl comes to the rescue! These time-tested colors are designed to perform flawlessly in all weather conditions. With a palette of over 75 striking shades, you can refresh your vinyl siding, shield it from the elements, and elevate your home’s curb appeal to dazzling new heights!

Whether you’re concerned about replacing vinyl siding or trying to determine the vinyl siding cost, painting your existing siding can be a more cost-effective solution that still provides the refreshing change you desire.

How Does Vinyl Siding Painting Work?

Painting vinyl siding is a specific process that needs specialized knowledge and expertise. We use vinyl paint explicitly designed for this material, containing acrylic and urethane resins that adhere well to the vinyl surface, ensuring a lasting finish.

First, we prepare your home’s existing siding for painting. This step involves thoroughly cleaning the old siding with a cleaning solution and a soft bristled brush. Sometimes, power washing is also required. Then, we inspect the siding for any signs of damage. Any damaged siding areas are promptly fixed or replaced to ensure a smooth, ready-to-paint surface.

The Benefits of Vinyl Siding Painting

Painting vinyl siding brings several benefits to homeowners. A fresh coat of paint can significantly enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal. Your home’s vinyl exterior can become a stunning canvas with the right paint color, contributing to a refreshed look that your neighbors will envy.

Another critical benefit of painting vinyl siding is cost-effectiveness. Replacing vinyl siding can be expensive, but a paint job done right can offer a fresh, new look at a fraction of the cost. So if your siding is in good shape, painting it can save you money while giving your home a facelift.

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  • We Paint Vinyl Siding the Right Way

    Achieving a flawless vinyl siding paint job starts with impeccable preparation. First, thoroughly wash the siding to eliminate oxidation and mold. Next, select from Benjamin Moore’s Vinyl Safe Color Chart to ensure your chosen hues won’t cause warping or buckling. With these essential steps completed, you’re all set to embark on your exciting vinyl siding painting adventure!

    At The Exterior Painters, we take pride in offering the best vinyl siding painting services in Oakland County, MI. Our team of professional painters is experienced with all paint colors, ensuring we can help you select the perfect shade for your home. We have partnered with leading paint companies like Benjamin Moore to provide the best paint for your vinyl siding.

    Whether you want a bold dark color or prefer a light blue or other lighter shade, we ensure the paint application is done correctly. The first coat is meticulously applied and allowed to dry before a second coat is added for a more vibrant and lasting finish.

    Vinyl Siding Painting in Oakland County, MI, and the Surrounding Areas From The Exterior Painters

    The Exterior Painters are the professionals you can trust for your vinyl siding painting needs in Oakland County, MI, and Macomb County, MI. We aim to boost your home’s curb appeal with our exceptional services, ensuring your vinyl sided home shines anew with a fresh coat of paint.

    Are you interested in our vinyl siding painting services but unsure about the color that would best suit your home’s exterior? No worries! We also offer a color consultation service to help you choose the ideal paint color.

    Besides vinyl siding painting, our expertise spans across a range of other services, including exterior painting, wood replacement, and commercial painting. We have a professional team ready to handle any exterior painting project to meet and exceed your expectations.

    Don’t let your old, faded vinyl siding diminish your home’s appearance. Choose to reinvent your home’s look with our quality vinyl siding painting services today. Click here to request pricing and let’s start transforming your home’s exterior!


    Absolutely, painting vinyl siding can be a fantastic idea for many homeowners. If your vinyl siding is in good condition but looks a bit dull, a fresh coat of high-quality paint can breathe new life into it. Besides enhancing your home’s curb appeal, it’s a cost-effective way to transform your home’s exterior without the hefty price tag of replacing vinyl siding. The Exterior Painters are experts at painting vinyl siding, and we ensure that the end result is beautiful, durable, and long-lasting.

    When painting vinyl siding, we at The Exterior Painters use specially formulated paint designed to adhere to vinyl. This type of paint typically contains acrylic and urethane resins that provide a strong bond, ensuring the paint sticks to the vinyl surface. We partner with leading paint companies like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore to offer our clients the best paint for their vinyl siding.

    Yes, vinyl house siding can definitely be painted. Although vinyl is a durable material, over time, it can lose its vibrancy due to weather conditions and UV exposure. Painting vinyl siding is an excellent way to refresh its look and enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal. The Exterior Painters specialize in vinyl siding painting, providing top-notch services to transform your home’s exterior.

    With proper application and regular maintenance, a paint job on vinyl siding can last many years. At The Exterior Painters, we follow a meticulous process that involves thorough surface preparation, careful application of the paint, and the use of high-quality paint that withstands the elements. This approach ensures that our vinyl siding painting work lasts and your home continues to look beautiful for years to come.

    Painting vinyl siding comes with several pros. It enhances your home’s curb appeal, gives your home a fresh, new look, and is more cost-effective than siding replacement. With over 75 colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

    However, there are a few cons to consider. A notable drawback is that vinyl siding isn’t firmly attached to the underlying substrate, leading to expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations, especially in places with distinct seasons like Michigan. This can expose the original color, but there’s a simple fix. We’ll paint those exposed areas twice after the initial house painting, ensuring that regardless of weather-induced expansions or contractions, your vinyl siding maintains its even color and immaculate appearance. Painting vinyl siding requires expertise and the right type of paint to ensure the results last. It also needs regular maintenance to keep it looking its best.

    If the vinyl siding is painted correctly using high-quality paint, it can last for up to 10 years or more. The longevity largely depends on the quality of the paint, the preparation of the surface, and the conditions it’s exposed to. At The Exterior Painters, we ensure all these factors are optimally managed to give you the best and most durable results. We take pride in our work and strive to provide a paint job that lasts and enhances your home’s appeal for years to come.

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