Color is everything and we have the solution.

Free Certified Color Consultation!

We at The Exterior Painters know that the hardest part of deciding to paint your home is not choosing the painting contractor; it is choosing the paint color! So we take the guess work out of it by providing you with a professional Certified Color Consultant!

After you select The Exterior Painters to paint your home, we will send out our Color Consultant, imagine the fun and convenience of having your own personal decorator come to your home. With an eye for detail and elegance she will help you to decide what color best fits your tastes and style.

What to Expect From Lori

She Will Assess Individual Characteristics
Benjamin Moore offers thousands of different exterior paint colors, so to narrow down the choices Lori will begin to assess your shingle color, brick, stone, pavers, neighboring homes and any other elements. The architectural elements of your home are extremely important in finding a synergistic color scheme. 

She Will Scan Through Your Neighborhood
One of the very first things you should do before choosing an exterior paint color for your home is to take a good scan of your neighbors’ homes. Is there a common color scheme going on in your neighborhood? While we aim to make your house “stand out”, you will want to select hues that match and blend well with what’s going on in your neighborhood instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

She Will Assess Your Homes Structure
Lori will analyze the shape and structure of your home and make suggestions that will compliment the structure of your home by using accent colors. Skillful use of color can even disguise design flaws, boosting the curb appeal and value of your home.

Consider Historic Colors
Are you painting a historic home? If so, then we should consider taking a look at some of the popular colors during the time that it was built to compliment the architecture and history of your home. 

Some color schemes enhance the look of an old house while others can make a house look either too bland or clownishly over the top. That’s where Lori comes in!

The complementary color consultation with Lori will take about an hour or two. She will spend most of that time outside with you walking around your home and discussing its characteristics and listening to you on how she can incorporate your own individual tastes into her design suggestions.

We at The Exterior Painters know that the home is where the heart is and we want each client’s home to be warm, comfortable and an elegant expression of who they are. Lori will work with you to create a unique environment that reflects your tastes and personality, because when it comes to decorating your home, color and paint are the most cost-effective ways to make an impressive impact.

Please keep in mind that part of the appointment takes place outdoors, in case of inclement weather the color consultation may need to be rescheduled.

Get color ideas on our project gallery!

We custom built an extensive project gallery with hundreds of homes that we have painted. Our project gallery has the latest color trends for Michigan homes, searchable by city, zip, color names and color codes!

Use our tool to get color ideas and even drive by to see colors in person! Even our competitors send their clients to our site to see color examples!

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