Brian Scott


Since 2003, I’ve been the proud founder of Exterior Painters – the most reputable painting company in our community for the past 20 years! I began my entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 16, cutting grass, and gradually worked my way up to securing a contract with the city of Madison Heights, before starting to paint for my parents’ company in 1999.

With my passion, dedication, and sheer hard work, I launched Exterior Painters in 2003 and built an incredible team of talented individuals who shared my vision of providing top-quality services to our customers. And, let me tell you, despite the many great painters out there, my team and I stand out as true experts in exterior painting!

We specialize in wood replacement and believe that practice makes perfect. Our secret to success lies in our commitment to delivering exceptional results, which has earned us a loyal customer base and kept most of our crew leaders with us since 2003.

Over the years, my team and I have accomplished incredible work, and we continue to thrive in the painting industry. As we celebrate our 20th year in business, I am filled with gratitude for all the customers and colleagues who have supported me along the way!

Patty Conway


Patty Conway is an accomplished accounting professional who heads the accounting department at Exterior Painters. Her eight years of experience with the company have been invaluable to the team’s success, and she has played a vital role in maintaining the company’s finances.

Patty’s experience working in different positions within the office has given her a comprehensive understanding of the company’s operations. Her technical expertise and financial acumen have helped ensure the company’s growth and continued success.

Despite her demanding job, Patty is a proud mother of two and grandmother of three who loves adventure and taking risks. She spends her weekends cruising on her purple motorcycle and living life to the fullest.

What sets Patty apart is her genuine care for her colleagues and employees. She is known as mom in the office for her unwavering integrity and empathy. She goes above and beyond to help those in need, making her a valuable team member and an all-around incredible human being.

In summary, Patty Conway is an essential asset to Exterior Painters, a devoted family woman, and a wonderful person who brings immense value to everyone around her.

Sara Sanger

Production Manager

Meet Sara Sanger – a skilled and experienced professional who is known for her ability to manage large projects and teams. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from Western Michigan University, Sara has a proven track record of success in various industries.

When she’s not working, Sara enjoys traveling, hiking, trying new restaurants, and pursuing her passion for the performing arts. She is also an active volunteer on the boards of several organizations, including the YMCA, Clarkston Village Players, and Clarkston Cultural Arts Council.

In 2019, Sara joined The Exterior Painters as the Production Manager, where she oversees all exterior painting projects and ensures customer satisfaction. She is responsible for scheduling and managing the team to complete all projects on time. Her exceptional organizational and communication skills, coupled with her dedication to excellence, have been crucial to the company’s continued success.

Sara is an asset to any team, and her diverse skill set makes her a versatile and dynamic professional. Her passion for community involvement and commitment to excellence make her a true leader in any industry.

Lori Morris

Color Consultant

Lori Morris is a talented professional with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. While her degree focused on Print Making, she has been working in the Interior Design industry since before graduation. Her works mostly involve painting media, and she is known for her unique eye on color, regularly creating privately commissioned, color-inspired, eclectic, and upbeat paintings.

Lori has a passion for dwellings and décor, which coupled with her 20 years of interior design experience, inspires her concepts for both exterior colors and her own art projects. She currently holds the position of an expert color consultant with The Exterior Painters, where she combines her skills to provide customers with eye-pleasing, home-enhancing, color schemes for the modern day.

Throughout her career, Lori has worked with a variety of clients, including both residential and commercial. Her exceptional eye for design and color has made her an invaluable asset to any team, and her work has contributed significantly to the success of her clients’ projects.

Jess Agnew

Customer Care

Jess Agnew is a talented individual with a diverse background and experience in various fields. After studying Journalism at Grand Valley State University, she continued her studies in Communications at Oakland University. Currently, Jess is finishing her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, showcasing her commitment to personal and professional growth.

When not working or studying, Jess is an active volunteer in her community. She spends time volunteering at The Greening of Detroit and Macomb Literacy Partners, and has previously worked with Invisible Children. Her passion for helping others shines through in both her professional and personal endeavors.

At The Exterior Painters, Jess is our Customer Care specialist. With her welcoming personality and exceptional communication skills, she ensures that all of our customers have a positive experience when scheduling and planning their exterior painting projects. Jess is an invaluable member of our team, always going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

Michael Plesz

Project Manager

Mike is a valuable member of The Exterior Painters team, joining in early 2022 after five years of working as an EMT in Oakland County. His experience in construction and passion for helping people made him a perfect fit for the company. Even in high school, he was known for his expertise in home rebuilding and was often called upon to assist with various projects.

His years spent in EMS have molded him into a compassionate and driven individual, qualities that he brings to his work every day. Mike is committed to helping people in his community, transforming homes, and providing top-notch customer service. He prides himself on being a supportive team member for his clients and colleagues, always going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

Outside of work, Mike enjoys staying active and spending time with his family. You can often find him rock climbing, hiking, or exploring new trails. And, as his colleagues will attest, he’s also the most handsome person in the office. With his dedication to customer service and passion for home renovation, Mike is a valuable asset to The Exterior Painters and a trusted partner for homeowners and businesses alike.

Jason Marks

Project Manager

Jason Marks is a lifelong Metro Detroit resident who began his career in painting as an apprentice in 2006. He has honed his skills by working on various commercial buildings, including banks, hospitals, medical buildings, as well as residential homes, condos, and apartment complexes. However, the 2008 financial crisis caused his painting career to halt, and he worked as a delivery driver to provide for his family.

Years later, Jason had the chance to re-enter the painting industry, this time on the management side. He takes pride in helping customers transform their homes or businesses into something new and fresh. He sought a company that values its customers and sets high expectations for its paint crews on job sites.

His search led him to The Exterior Painters, where he found a home away from home. Jason believes that The Exterior Painters stands out above the rest in the industry, and he encourages customers to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate to experience it for themselves. Thank you for learning about Jason and The Exterior Painters, and he looks forward to meeting you soon!