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How do you prep a home before painting it?

The very first step in prep is always  to steam clean the exterior of your home to loosen any dirt, mold and other contaminants that may have built up over the years. This ensures a proper adhesion of the paint to the substrate.

We also removing any old peeling and cracking paint, filling in any cracks or damage on the surface, and sanding or spackling any imperfections. You may also need to caulk any gaps between pieces of trim or window and door frames. 

What exterior paint will you use on my Lake Orion home?

The short answer is Benjamin Moore Regal High Build. Here’s why: Benjamin Moore Regal High Build Paint is a premium quality exterior paint that provides superior protection against the elements. Its superior protection prevents fading, cracking, and blistering and helps to reduce the maintenance requirements for your home over the years. It also offers superior durability and mildew resistance, helping to protect against water damage or other issues. This paint is known for its superior coverage, and its rich and vibrant color choices are sure to add a touch of class and elegance to your home exterior.

What's the average cost to paint a home in Lake Orion, MI?

In 2022, we painted 28 homes in Lake Orion, averaging $5,176 or $2.62 per square foot. This included prep work, painting, labor and wood replacement.

There’s several variables that factor into the cost of an exterior paint job. Such as the number of colors, the square footage of the home, the surfaces you’d like painted, the prep work involved and how many stories your home is.

Living on Lake Orion? Here's how the water can affect your exterior paint.

Living on a lake can affect your home’s exterior paint in a few different ways. The most obvious is the effect that water can have on the paint. The constant exposure to moisture can cause the paint to bubble, fade, or peel over time. Additionally, the sun can reflect off of the surface of the water, creating intense UV rays that can result in premature fading of the paint. In order to protect your home’s exterior paint, it’s recommended to use Benjamin Moore’s Regal High Build paint with GenX colorant that can resist wear and tear from moisture and sunlight. Additionally, regularly cleaning and inspection of your home’s exterior, as well as routine maintenance, can ensure that your home’s paint lasts for as long as possible.

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