Included FREE with every exterior paint job.

Do you have to pressure wash your home prior to being painted?

Yes you do, but we do it for free with steam! Painting over a dirty surface does not provide a good or sound foundation for the paint to anchor to.  Exterior painting demands a clean surface prior to applying paint. This is why it’s vital to remove any dirt, algae, oil and other pollutants from the surfaces prior to being painted.

Hot Steam Cleaning

When you wash your dishes at home, you aren’t likely to use cold water. Why? Because cold water doesn’t break down the waste on your dishes. So why would you use cold water to pressure wash the exterior of your house? Cold water moves oil and grime around, whereas hot water breaks down oil and dirt.

3 Key Factors of Our Steam Cleaning Process

With these three key factors, steam clean pressure washing can leave the exterior of your home far more clean than a standard cold power washing.


When heating water to 200 degrees the water molecules break free and create steam. The steam makes the cleaning agent much more effective in penetrating grime at a molecular level, producing a far cleaner wash and a quicker dry.


We custom built two pressure washing trucks with industry leading equipment. Our pressure washing equipment cleans with water up to 250 degrees at 6 gallons of hot water per minute, and pressure up to 3500PSI. This significant hot water helps remove stubborn mold, dirt, oil and other grime.

Cleaning Detergent

We use Mean Green which is formulated to remove pollution, dirt and grime from all exterior surfaces. On most washable surfaces, inside and outside the home, nothing works better on difficult tasks. Mean Green contains more cleaning ingredients than other leading brands, making it the most powerful multi-purpose cleaner on the market.

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  • What's needed from the homeowner

    1. On your scheduled steam cleaning day, please have all your windows and doors closed and securely fastened.
    2. Please make sure you have at least one available water spicket with working water.
    3. Please move any breakable items placed on or around your home, such as:
      1. Exterior Thermometers
      2. Patio Furniture moved 8+ feet from home
      3. BBQ grill moved 8+ feet from home
      4. Decorations, such as lights

    What to Expect – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    The Good

    1. Clean vinyl siding
    2. A properly cleaned service for paint to adhere to
    3. After pressure washing occurs, it highlights all areas where rotted wood and other prep work needs to be completed.

    The Bad

    1. Unfortunately, water spots on your windows in unavoidable. (Please do not have your windows cleaned until after the project is completed.
    2. Paint Chips – Unfortunately, there will be leftover paint chips due to pressure washing. These paint chips cannot be cleaned up until dry, but our paint crew will do their best to clean up as much as they can to ensure a clean and professional job.

    The Ugly

    1. Your house will look worse than it did prior to pressure washing and will show flaws such as peeling paint and rotted wood.

    All of these points considered, steam cleaning is necessary for a successful exterior transformation.

    Whole House Steam Cleaning

    What’s included in a whole house pressure washing visit:

    All vertical surfaces will be washed. This includes:

      • Brick
      • Gutters
      • Siding
      • Soffit
      • Trim

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